4th District representatives issue statement on state operating budget

Lawmakers adjourned sine die on Sunday, April 25, spending a record $58.9 billion over the 2019-21 biennium, an increase of $7 billion or 13.6%.

The operating budget passed on a party-line vote in the House of Representatives 57-40. Republican Reps. Bob McCaslin and Rob Chase issued the following statement after their budget vote:

“This budget continues to grow state spending at an unsustainable rate. We have seen spending increase by 74% since 2013. This is especially concerning as we continue to work through this pandemic and economic uncertainty still ahead.

“It also unnecessarily implements a volatile, and likely unconstitutional capital gains tax and uses a budget maneuver to drain the rainy day fund, at a time when we have enough revenue to fund our priorities and not cut vital services.

“Finally, the lack of transparency is disappointing. The minority party and the public did not get to see the final 1,100-page budget until Day 104 of a 105-day session.

“There are some positive pieces to this budget, but a better long-term, bipartisan plan could have been put in place.”


Washington State House Republican Communications