Rep. Chase issues statement on supplemental state operating budget

Lawmakers adjourned sine die late Thursday, March 10 with the Democrat majority party passing a record budget of $65 billion in 2021-23, a $6.1 billion increase to current spending levels. State spending is now $12.5 billion or 24% higher than the 2019-21 levels.

Noticeably missing from the budget was tax relief for Washington citizens, despite a historic $15 billion budget surplus.

The supplemental operating budget passed both the House and Senate on a party-line vote. Rep. Rob Chase, R-Spokane Valley, issued the following statement on his budget vote:

“According to the census our state's population has increased about 13% in the last ten years, but our state budget has doubled in the same amount of time. This level of spending is unsustainable and irresponsible given the uncertain economic times we are facing. We could have passed a more fiscally responsible, bipartisan spending plan instead of putting future budgets and our state's financial situation in a precarious position.

“This budget was also a missed opportunity. It spends most of the $15 billion surplus without giving the working families of Washington any meaningful tax relief. Citizens are still recovering from the financial stress of the pandemic, contending with rising gas prices, and facing the highest inflation we have seen in decades.

“I could not vote in favor this budget and I am disappointed we didn't have an opportunity to work together to pass a more balanced, bipartisan plan that would benefit the citizens of Washington state.”


Washington State House Republican Communications